Paleo and Chronic Pain 

Isn’t it funny how our views of food can range from denial to idolatry? We can view food as an idol or we can view a diet, nutritional plan, or eating style as an idol. We make our bellies our gods in so many ways and, sometimes, it’s not necessarily by over indulging but by over emphasizing a way of eating. I’ve resisted all Paleo and elimination diets knowing my tendency to be whole hearted about all my efforts and fear of putting yet another thing before God, but here I go, starting a combination of both.
Tomorrow, I’m starting the Whole 30. I’ve struggled for several years with my health. Constant inflammation of the pleural lining around my lungs has made breathing so difficult and has caused me to draw into myself which in turn has caused poor posture which in turn has caused permanent knots all over my back which in turn has caused more pain and more drawing in and so on and so forth. I think you get the picture. I’m starting a course of treatment at a sports medicine clinic and the first thing prescribed was this diet change. I’ll also be getting physical therapy, massage therapy, training, etc., however, the thing that causes the most anxiety is this diet change. Isn’t that strange?

Reading and preparing to start this has brought many things into focus – I really do like my diet Dews and snacks. It concerns me that I’m afraid I can’t give those things up. Isn’t that crazy? Am I really so shallow as to put my desire of junk food and sodas above my health? Am I the only one who thinks several months without bread, grains, dairy, or sugar seems impossible? Should my focus not be on God and what He is calling me to do, taking good care of the things He has entrusted me with like my body and health, and trusting Him to help me?

So, tomorrow I start this new portion of my journey – looking to God for guidance and persistence – feeling very human and fallible. 


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