Free at last! Free at last!

No truth is more glorious to imprisoned people than to be told that they are no longer condemned but are set free! Christ brings that good news! When people accept Christ’s sacrifice e on their behalf, they are freed from the tyranny of sin. “There is therefore now Conde,nation to those who are in Christ Jesus”. Condemnation means an eternity apart from God. No condemnation means living with Him, now and forever. Often, however, I, who have been set free, still put myself behind bars, I feel guilty about my past, or guilty that I can’t be perfect in this life and continue to sin. Guilt can be good when it helps remind me that I’ve done something wrong. But guilt can also keep me from being able to rejoice in my new life or to bring others to Christ,

Not keeping the law perfectly brings condemnation. Since no one can keep God’s law perfectly, all people are condemned. The law brings guilt because we realize we are powerless to keep it. Christ’s death on our behalf sets us free. There is no condemnation for me in Christ because I have been forgiven and am promised eternal life. If Christ no longer condemns me, then neither should I condemn myself, beating myself up over sins that I have brought to God, repented of, and asked forgiveness for, only keeps me imprisoned in my guilt. Christ has set me free.

Years ago, a wise and good friend, Vicki Dye, talked to me about the far reaching effects of Christ’s death on the cross. She explained to me that all of my sin – my past sin, my present sin, and my future sin – were all future to the cross. From the perspective of the cross, all of my sins were yet to be committed. If all my sins – past, present, and future – were not paid for by the cross, then there is no hope for me. God declared me not guilty based upon the once for all propitiation of His Son on the cross. If God Himself did all that, what could I do to possibly undo it? Nothing! God promises me glory in Christ. I can count on that and can live free on that promise!


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