Time Well Invested

For the past couple of years, I feel I’ve been off my game.  Anyone who knows me knows I have a busy life.  I work a lot of hours in an emotionally intense job, I have a family to care for, I’m active in our church, etc.  I also like to do everything as well as possible (working on letting the expectation of perfection go though).  Managing my home and all that goes with that is important to me, yet making the time is difficult much of the week. My husband is always willing to help and my stepkids are old enough to pitch in as well at times.  But making sure everything is running smoothly and still making time for other things is a challenge at best.

Meals are always a major challenge. With two diabetics in the house it’s doubly important to have more home made foods than fast foods. So, when I’m able, I invest the time on Sunday afternoons to prepare the week’s meals.  It sounds like a major deal, but the weeks I do this, I always realize it’s so much easier to do it all at once and have it ready.  It only takes a few minutes to brown two pounds of ground beef at once instead of double the time if I did it each night.  I can chop all the onion I need for the week at once. I only have to clean the kitchen once.  It saves about an hour per day for the rest of the week and all of it usually only takes me about an hour on Sunday afternoons. 

So one hour invested today yielded:



I don’t know about you, but even when I know that I struggle with the things I want to do, (like spending an hour on Sunday afternoons cooking) and I might have to drag myself to do it, there is this wonderful feeling of accomplishment on the other side of completing it. I just need to do it.  🙂


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