Some weird things for which I’m thankful

For years I have been listing things that make me smile or for which I’m grateful. It’s one way in which I stay focused on the positive and on the things that matter. Tonight, I’ve decided to list a few things for which I’m grateful that maybe I shouldn’t be (I think my internal sense of humor gets the best of me sometimes…) :

1. I am thankful sweetener packets can be used as makeshift floss — in a pinch.

2. I’m thankful for celebrities such as Christie Brinkley, Helen Hunt, and Paula Abdul who make being in my fifties seem not so old.

3. I’m thankful my stepdaughter is finally at an age where she will watch my shows with me, instead of wanting me to watch her shows with her. I’m pretty sure Disney XD was causing my brain to atrophy.

4. I am thankful for Netflix, which allows me to watch shows that started six seasons ago and end in a month. (I will be more thankful when there is a Netflix Anonymous.)

5. I am thankful I don’t look anything like the portraits kid clients have drawn of me – seriously…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for more traditional stuff, but it’s super cathartic to mention the stuff that most people think but never say. Try it, I promise not to judge. What is the most nontraditional/superficial thing you’re thankful for?


One thought on “Some weird things for which I’m thankful

  1. Richard says:

    I am thankful for my friend, Sandy, who makes me smile regularly!

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