On God and Snowmen

I never got around to watching the weather yesterday. So I woke up to a surprise blanketing of snow this morning. As usual on the weekends, I grabbed my laptop before getting out of bed and, while I was online, posted some thoughts about the snow on Facebook. One thing I queried was “Do snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled?” My delightful friend, Anne, posted a response that I just had to share.

“I think that is a cool idea, think how proud we are when we stand back and look at the snow men we made from snow and then how sad we are when they melt, just think, God made us from the dust and then gave us the breath of life, oh how proud and full of love and joy that made him and then when we turn from him and let ourselves melt into our sin oh…the sorrow that must cause! He is soo awesome that he gives us a chance to never have to melt but to be alive in him always!!!! ”

What an awesome God we have and how wonderful to be reminded of that even through posting a simple, silly thought on Facebook.


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