Worth Pondering


3 thoughts on “Worth Pondering

  1. Lynn says:

    Sandy, good to see you posting again on your blog. I’ve missed you! This Youtube reminded me of some verses from Ecclesiastes, and I found a link that pretty much said exactly what I was reminded of, in very few words:


  2. Sandy says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I’ve missed being around too. I’ve been really busy and am not only working my private practice but am also doing assessments for a communty mental health agency so have been working a lot of hours. I hope all of you are doing well.

    Thanks for the reminder from Ecclesiastes. I’ve actually been reading from that book this week. I think it’s where I need to be studying right now.

  3. RichardD says:

    Sandy – I read your most recent news. You’re in my prayers.

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